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2014 was a tough year in most parts of Europe for PV companies. Reasons were the punitive tariff duty on imports from China by the EU, changes in feed-in tariffs or the delay of feed-in tariffs. Again we saw manufacturers and wholesalers struggling.

In such a market environment it is important to have a strong and reliable partner. We are happy and proud that Densys GmbH was able to make a small 6-digit gain during the past fiscal year ending on 30.06.2014. The equity ratio increased on group level.

The positive result is due to a very flat cost structure, successful investments in big PV projects and our advisory activities (due diligence and consulting for investors). The takeover of PV5 Solarconcept GmbH in April 2014 strengthened our retail business.

In 2015 we expect a stronger market in Germany and growing markets in Eastern Europe (for example Poland). We also expect that storage systems become more and more important due to decreasing prices and a higher acceptance.


Quality “Made in Germany” with a great price/performance ratio.

BMZ LogoThe market for storage systems has increased in 2014 and will become more and more important in the future:

  • Customers want to become more independent from electricity companies
  • Increasing electricity prices
  • Stressed grids across Europe

So fare lithium storage systems have been too expensive. This will change in February with the new ESS 3.0 from BMZ! (more…)


Inverters from the SMA subsidiary. Made for price conscious customers.

Zeversolar Wechselrichter LogoYou probably know this type of customer: Penny pincher. We now have a proper product for this kind of customer: Zeversolar. (more…)

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