Integration of Densys and PV5 is making progress.

During the holiday season, we have worked hard to integrate Densys and PV5. Because of technical reasons we have decided to transfer the operational business of Densys to PV5. Since September 1st all our employees work together in one team in Kleinostheim. This has improved our process. Densys GmbH, the mother company of PV5, will be used as a holding. However, all open orders will still be processed by Densys.

Both brands have gained a high acceptance in the photovoltaic market within the last 5 respectively 14 years. Because of that, we have decided to maintain both brands and to incorporate them into one company name: PV5 Solarconcept GmbH is now Densys PV5 GmbH.

If you have any further questions concerning the changes please do not hesitate to contact us.

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