New: Zeversolar.

18.11.2014 | News EN

Inverters from the SMA subsidiary. Made for price conscious customers.

Zeversolar Wechselrichter LogoYou probably know this type of customer: Penny pincher. We now have a proper product for this kind of customer: Zeversolar.

Zeversolar was founded in China in 2007. It was one of the largest inverter manufacturers of China. SMA has bought Zeversolar beginning of 2013. The products have been completely revised and are now very user-friendly and reliable with a very attractive price.

The string inverters of Zeversolar range from 1,5 kW till 20 kW and are perfect for private homes and commercial installations (datasheets).

Zeversolar offers planning software and monitoring.

The European headquarter is located in Ratingen and the warehouse is in Leipzig (both Germany). The team in Rating speaks perfectly English.

Please join our webinar on Thu. 4.12.2014 from 2 till 3 p.m. if you are interested in Zeversolar inverters (apply here).

You can find the answer for penny pinchers in our price list (apply here).

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