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YINGLI, one of the guarantors for quality and reliability, is back on the European market. The minimum import price has fallen and YINGLI has decided to market its modules in Europe again.LG Solar belongs to LG Electronics - and is part of a global, financially strong company with over 50 years of tradition and experience (turnover in 2017 55.4 billion USD). LG Electronics is the guarantor of your solar modules.Since its foundation in 1985, BAUER has developed into a leading systems house for photovoltaic and energy solutions - with over 365 MW installed capacity, international subsidiaries and projects throughout Europe.

Does your customer want to insure himself against possible damage to property, loss of income in the event of damage to property and loss of income? No problem! With the „Willis Elektronik plus“ insurance package, we have the perfect solution for PV systems purchased from us – applicable in many EU countries.

Own investments.

Take advantage of our experience from your own investments.

Our group of companies is not only strong in the field of photovoltaic wholesale. We also have great expertise in project planning, takeover and operation of our own photovoltaic systems (approx. 12 MW in existing installations and a total of 20 MW in operational management)..

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Solartainer for Africa.

Time to change the world.

We at Densys PV5 have been working together since the spring of 2016 with Mr. Torsten Schreiber, the „father“ of the Solartainer project and founder of Africa GreenTec.

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Design & planning.

Inverter, mounting systems and storage.

Trust our experts for the planning of your photovoltaic systems. We are happy to design your systems, plan the components and finally assemble them on-site until the complete delivery. And all this at no additional cost to you.

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Load profile analysis for commercial enterprises.

Together we will find the ideal photovoltaic solution for your customers.

For commercial companies with a power consumption of 100,000 kWh or more or a load greater than 30 kW, the grid operator is obliged to record the load every 15 minutes. These data are available to customers free of charge.

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Trainings and webinars.

We keep you up-to-date.

MWith our extensive training programme at face-to-face events and webinars, we keep you up to date.

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Payment terms.

With payment terms of up to 90 days.

Do your customers always pay in advance? And how do you feel when you pay your suppliers in advance? In essence, these questions are about liquidity and risk avoidance.

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